Study Options

All APEX students receive their course learning matrerials and other resources through APEX Base Camp. All your communication with APEX, trainers, assessors and colleagues will be through the Base Camp, be it by email, chat, text or video.

To learn anytime, anywhere with APEX, you have two simple options.

1. Anytime, anywhere

All APEX students receive this option.

This option is for those who prefer to study on the go and want to access their course material anytime, anywhere through either a computer or mobile device. Course manuals can be read on screen but there are restrictions on copying, printing and downloading. Course videos can be seen on screen and you can submit assignments directly into your free Google Drive. If you’re working with course software, you will still need access to a fixed computer and the internet.

2. Printed Materials

In additional to the anytime, anywhere option, if you prefer to learn with hard copy material, you can purchase printed manuals for a nominal additional fee.

Whichever option you choose you will have:

  • Your own pace of study.
  • Access to the APEX Base Camp integrated with free Google Apps.
  • Access to APEX Course Groups.
  • Access to APEX Study Circles.
  • Access to Show & Tell videos.
  • Access to an APEX Guide.
  • Email, chat, admin and video support.

You choose!