The Academy of Professional Excellence (APEX) is a leading content creation and licensing firm registered in Australia.  APEX develops and licenses accredited vocational and higher education resources in Australia.

APEX applies its proprietary world-class APEX Excellence Framework™ in the design and delivery of all its course content.

Using this framework, we create highly effective learning content that is customized to our clients’ specifications, budgets and curriculum needs. Our content is created by designers who apply systematic techniques based on educational theory to the created content.

The framework incorporates 10 steps:

  1. Define the target population to study the course.
  2. Define the qualification level and criteria. These are an indication of the relative complexity and/or depth of achievement and the autonomy required to demonstrate the required achievement.
  3. List the skills and knowledge needed by the target population.
  4. Select the skills and knowledge to be taught. (These make up the “learning objectives.”)
  5. Organize the selected skills and knowledge into suitable teaching units (modules) and develop the training design (including brief outlines of module content and planned training methods).
  6. Draft expanded outlines of modules, including instructional objectives, main body of text, and descriptions of training methods, examples and exercises.
  7. Develop realistic examples and information for use in exercises, designed by industry professionals.
  8. Draft the complete modules (including facilitator guidelines, and course director guidelines, where necessary).
  9. Field-test the course materials.
  10. Revise and finalize training materials based on the field test.

By adopting a process-oriented approach, APEX ensures that the development of courses is not individual-dependent and hence achieves, consistent, world-class results.

Whether your project is big or small, our content development team is at hand to help make things happen in a cost effective and straightforward way. We listen to what you need and create modules that can be deployed across any Learning Management System.

Who it’s for

Our APEX Content Creation services are used by anyone who needs customised learning courses or elements for learning quickly and to a high quality standard. We often work as part of customers’ teams to facilitate knowledge transfer.

How we work

We work on a commissioned basis. Our projects can look like any of the following:

  • Instructional design and writing assessments
  • Creating video, animations and graphics
  • Building finished modules
  • The bits you’re less confident about or don’t have the time to do
  • We’ll also polish up a course you’ve already created or take the job off your hands completely.

Why it’s great value

Our clients get a lot out of our content team and often getting high quality content produced quickly is vital for the success of your learning strategy.

Because our team of sector-expert instructional designers are experienced and highly skilled, our projects always run smoothly and save customers time and ultimately money.

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