• Awesome!!! Just awesome, thanks so much. I have been looking for something like this ever since the internet went mobile! 10 stars out of 5.

 – Mark C, Finance Manager

  • I found everything so smooth and convenient. I could read my course manuals on my iPad in the train and work on learning activities at home. It really was “anytime, anywhere learning.” Thanks APEX.

– Antony W, Creative Director

  • This course was fantastic; with the added advantage of studying at home with a very flexible time limit (I have a 4 yo brat!), the course covers a wide range of things related to Business Taxation.

– Vernon A, IT Manager

  • I enjoyed learning about Payroll. Learning about accounting principles was a bonus. It’s great to work at your own pace. I have progressed far enough in Payroll, so I can offer my services to business owners. The APEX Guides were very helpful and quick to email any answers to questions. The course was not easy and was challenging in some places but very enjoyable, lots of information and very rewarding. Looking forward to starting my own Payroll services business later this year.

– Sid N, Bookkeeper

  • I’d like to congratulate you for your social cloud learning initiative, not only for the fact that it is a place to meet and chat with everybody in the course; it’s fantastic to evolve in terms of personal knowledge. The Show & Tell videos were great and I believe I have developed tools to make my acquired skills sought after in the industry.

– Reena M, HR Manager

  • I got a job within a week of finishing the course. Thank you so much!

– Rahil N, Trainee

  • When I started, it was very hard and I did not know where to start. Now, it’s completely different, because of this social cloud I can talk to others who are doing the course and my Guides. I can now think about a better and brighter future. I am fascinated by your “pursuit of excellence.” I would like to let you know that APEX Education’s contribution in the world of education has done more than what I could have thought.

 – Swati K, Homemaker

  • Your social cloud-based courses are extremely useful for on-the-go professionals like me who have struggled to find the time to sit and study. I would easily recommend APEX Education, not only for busy professionals but also for any students who might be interested in exploring different methods of learning.

– John M, Chartered Accountant