Is APEX a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) or a Higher Education Provider (HEP)?

APEX is not an RTO. We are committed to excellence in education and endeavour to meet all quality parameters that the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), national regulator for vocational education and training and the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) require RTOs and higher education providers to adhere to respectively.

APEX partners with RTOs who use APEX’s learning and assessment resources to help students receive nationally-recognised qualifications.

APEX partners with HEPs in Australia and overseas to develop learning resources in the higher education sector.

What is anytime, anywhere learning?

APEX is a pioneer in anytime, anywhere learning, an exciting development in self-paced education. It combines the convenience of cloud-based mobility with collaboration between fellow students and teachers to get the most out of your learning effort. You can access your course material from a computer or your mobile device, discuss ideas and concepts with your fellow students in video chat study groups, watch show and tell videos, collaborate with them on group assignments, store your work in the cloud, submit your assessment tasks, and complete your course, all at your pace and convenience.

Do I need to have any skills and knowledge before starting my course?

Each course page specifies the skills and knowledge you must have before commencing study in it.

Most of our courses require only a few basic things:

  • A desire to excel in whatever you do
  • Basic English language, literacy and numeracy skills.
  • A computer
  • Internet access
  • Basic computer, internet and email knowledge

How can I enrol?

Enrolment is simple. Fill up the enrolment form online, print and sign it and email a scanned copy back to us. Once your payment is received, you will receive your course material.

How can I pay for my course?

The simplest way to pay for your course is by direct bank transfer. Access your online banking service and transfer the payment to APEX’s bank account. Don’t forget to mention your name in the payment reference.

You can also pay by cheque. Details on how to pay are mentioned in the enrolment form.

What will I receive when I enrol?

When you enrol in an APEX course, you will receive a welcome email containing your APEX Base Camp username and password. The email will explain how to access your course material and complete your course. Any associated software, if supplied by APEX, will be sent to you by post. If you have chosen to purchase printed course material, it will also be sent to you by post.

Do I need to attend any classes?

In anytime, anywhere learning, you can study at your own pace depending on your work and personal schedule. APEX adopts a case study approach to learning, packed with:

  • Multiple scenarios
  • Numerous learning and practice activities
  • Show & Tell videos
  • Real-life transactions for practice
  • Individual, step-by-step walkthroughs

all of which together obviate the need for traditional classroom teaching.

Who will help me with my course?

Anytime, anywhere learning with APEX will give you several support options to choose from to suit your style of learning.

  • Follow topics being discussed in APEX Course Groups. Share where you’re stuck at and get help from the Group
  • Connect and communicate with other learners in APEX Study Circles
  • Show & Tell videos for when you want to see a demonstration
  • Email/Chat support for when you want to speak to an APEX Guide to help you with your course, or to answer your questions
  • Admin support for when you want to access your course and personal information
  • IT support for when you want help on working anytime, anywhere.

Who is an APEX Guide?

Your APEX Guide is like your personal Sherpa. Your Guide’s job is to be with you from the base camp to the summit. Your Guide helps you get there but the climb to excellence is yours.

Are there any exams to pass?

APEX follows its world-class proprietary Learning Excellence Framework™ which focuses on true lifetime learning.

To achieve excellence in your course you do not need to pass any exam. You do however need to demonstrate your skills and knowledge in all aspects of your course. You do this by completing specific assessment tasks at your own pace. You cannot fail and can attempt the tasks as many times as it takes for you to achieve and demonstrate the required skills and knowledge.

What qualification will I receive when I complete my course?

When you complete your course with APEX, you will be awarded a certification that you have successfully completed your course. This could be:

  • an APEX Professional Excellence Certificate
  • an APEX Skill Set Excellence Certificate
  • an APEX Continuing Professional Development Certificate

When you complete your course with an APEX partner RTO, you will be awarded a nationally-recognised qualification or certificate(s) of attainment.

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